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Get to know your 'ALL THE BASICS' Modern Calligraphy kit:

  • 'Mindful Modern Calligraphy' Workbook - Information, instructions and worksheets (fundamental strokes, alphabet, practice words + guidelines. 3 ways you can use your workbook: 
  • Practice directly on the workbook 
  • Put a sheet of practice paper over the top and trace
  • Use the worksheets as a reference and freehand on your practice papers. 

  • Moblique Penholder - This is the tool that holds the nib. Please refer to the videos to learn how to set up and hold your penholder correctly.

  • Nibs (Nikko-G + Blanzy 2552) - Nibs are what will create your calligraphy. Start with the Nikko-G and once you are more confident try the Blanzy 2552.

  • Jar of Sumi Ink (50ml) - A beautiful and cost-efficient ink made from the soot of tree branches.

  • Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels - Eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative to single-use paper towels, 1 towel can be reused up to 100 times. To clean simply rinse with water and let air dry. Can be used moist or dry. 

  • Breathe Manta Water Jar - Perfect to use as your nib water bath to clean your nib as you practice. This jar also doubles as a reminder to ‘Breathe’ during your practice.

  • Practice Paper - Contains the top 3 paper types that Kim recommends:
  • Lazer/Digital Printing Paper
  • Rhodia Dot Grid Paper
  • Peterkin Cardstock

  • Reflection Portfolio Folder - A great way to both keep track of your creations and to reflect back on the progress you have made.

  • 'Kimlligraphy' Organic Teabags - A herbal tea blend to help calm your mind + body and to get you into the mood for calligraphy.

  • Hand Rolled Incense - With a beautiful sweet earthy scent, these incense will help to cleanse and set the mood for your zen zone along with helping you set your creative intension and relax your mind. 

  • 'Silk & Soleil' Mini Handmade Soap Pillar - To help clean inky fingers and hands, you'll love the lingering scent of vanilla buttercream.

  • Personalized Storage Box - Handy storage box to keep all your calligraphy supplies in one spot, makes setting up and tidying more convenient. 

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