Do You Have An Interest or Passion In Modern Calligraphy?

How would you like to write calligraphy like this?

Want a Modern Calligraphy program suite that...

⌛️ Saves you time

✍🏼 Educates you AND

😁 Inspires you


A small investment for BIG results?

I understand, one of the hardest things is to just get started because of either time or money

And sometimes, you just don't believe you can do it.

Here's how we can help you solve those...

...Step 1: Start by making a tiny investment on the 'All The Basics' kit. It's a gorgeous, personalised package to motivate you to start!

...Step 2: The kit also comes with instructional videos to help you go from 'clueless to confident'!

...Step 3: From there, you can choose to upgrade to receiving further support like masterminds and 1:1 coaching!



Free shipping within Australia.

Excellent Value...For An Affordable Price!!!

A Simple & Mindful Process...

👉🏼 No experience or lettering skills needed

👉🏼 Get great results at your own time and pace

👉🏼 Go from clueless to confident in a matter of days

3 years ago I saw a video of someone 'drawing' calligraphy.
I had zero experience.
For the first 6 months I tried to learn on my own and watch other videos.
I would tell myself:
"She does it so well!"
"That looks easy enough."
"I can't. Nope. Why doesn't mine look like that?"

Those days are long gone.
Now I know I can 'draw' calligraphy, create my own designs, run numerous workshops, commission to any niche, work as a pro, sell my work and get paid for my passion.

You can do it too.

No more trying to work it out on your own.
No more going through the journey alone.
No more "I'm not sure if this is the right way to hold a pen" or "is this the right tool?".

Our one-stop program means...

✅ You learn in your OWN TIME
✅ You will uncover many NEW things
✅ You will be inspired to think BIGGER


Discover How She Has Helped Hundreds Of Busy Women

Find Their Creative Flow, Be More Mindful and Start Businesses!

Meet Your Coach & Trainer

Kim Tran-Flores, founder of Kimlligraphy is a tea drinking, Modern Calligraphy artist and 'me-time' advocating ambivert with a passion in mindfulness.

Kim also founded Kimmunity, a members program that gives aspiring calligraphers a one-stop learning and coaching platform to take their Modern Calligraphy skills further than they ever imagined.

In 2021, Kim’s work is featured in Typism book 7 that showcases some of the best lettering artists from around the world. A font company is soon to release her work as a font style that will be available globally.

Kim has worked with national and global brands like Tiffany & Co. and Westfield. She’s appeared on radio and is a sought-after speaker on the topics of women equality and mindfulness practice.

Kim is renowned for her in-person Mindful Modern Calligraphy workshops for its world-class training combined with the ‘Zen Zone’ and a luxury experience that makes it truly unique.

Kim’s mission is to help busy women reduce stress, receive the gift of the present moment and boost their creativity through Mindful Modern Calligraphy.


Q. When will I receive my kit?

A. We will package and post your kit within 2 business days of receiving your order. So normally, you should receive it in less than 5 days within Australia.

Q. Do you ship the kit overseas?

A. Yes we do (unless we face restrictions like Covid). Send us an email first at [email protected] and tell us which country. From there, we can determine any additional international shipping costs.

Q. For how long will I have access to the bonus training videos?

A. For a lifetime!

Q. Can I later upgrade after purchasing the kit?

A. Yes you can! We will give you the option to upgrade to either our Community or Premium package to receive access to our mastermind sessions, in-person workshops, 1:1 coaching with Kim and more!

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