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This is now your opportunity to receive on-going support to grow your Modern Calligraphy skills!

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300+ students and growing!!!


Access To The Video Course with Over 30 Lessons!

As soon as you join the program, you'll receive access to the video course that has all the lessons and guidance you need to start practising. You'll be able to watch and re-watch the videos to improve your skills easier and faster in the right direction!

The Online Course

Lifetime access to over 30 modules that you can watch and re-watch to improve your calligraphy skills each time!

Fortnightly Live Q&A Group Masterclasses!

This is where you get your questions answered live on Zoom! Our students greatly benefit from these classes because we cover other topics like how to uncover your style and turn your passion to profit. It's also a platform to improve your skills and feel more confident so you can start creating calligraphy that you, your friends and family will be proud of!

Mindful Calligraphy Digital Handbooks

Inside Kimmunity you will receive exclusive access to resources and downloads that will be valuable in improving your skills, inspire your creative and artistic flow plus benefit from mindfulness practice and self-care rituals!

Access To The Private Kimmunity Facebook Support Group!

Our private community is where you receive inspiration, support and ideas from like-minded individuals who share the same interest/passion! It's a safe platform that gives you motivation, where you can share your wins, celebrate how far you've come, ask your biggest questions, download resources and build fruitful connections.

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Hey, it's Kim!

I want to thank you and congratulate you once again for giving yourself some 'me-time' by attending my workshop!

I started Kimmunity to assist my students to pursue their passion improve their skills and take their Modern Calligraphy further than they ever imagined.

I look forward to having you as part of Kimmunity.


This is a special offer for my in-person workshop attendees and is valid for the next 48 hours.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to receive the right support and tools – and see your calligraphy skills grow!

Here is a sneak preview of how we support and celebrate our students' progress and achievements online:

Giving Back

By joining Kimmunity, you’re also helping the rescue and care for child victims of human trafficking especially disadvantaged young women.

Through our chosen charity, Blue Dragon, 100% of our monthly donations will also help them build self-esteem, self-confidence and realise their potential while creating long-term change for a better world.

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Let’s Develop Your Skills In

Modern Calligraphy, Inspire Your Creativity & Inject More Mindfulness Into Your Life!

We're going to do this together...

You follow the guidelines I send you, and track your progress...

SIMPLE RIGHT?! Let's Do This!


Q. I have a very busy schedule - how much time is expected of me to do the program?

A. Most of our students are busy mums, teachers, nurses and professionals so we specifically designed Kimmunity to give you a support system to help manage your time! There are resources that shows you time saving tips, a wide range of options to attend our live masterclasses, lifetime access to the video course means you can go through the modules as fast or slow as you like, plus if you can commit to as little as 10-15 minutes of practice a day, you'll be able make the most of Kimmunity.

Q. When can I start the program?

A. You can start straight away!

Q. For how long will I have access to the online course?

A. For a lifetime!

Q. Can you explain what the 3-month program means?

A. You will receive 3 consecutive months access to our fortnightly masterclasses (plus a bonus month!). However, you get lifetime access to the video course and private Facebook group!

Q. Do you offer 1:1 coaching?

A. Throughout the year, Kim opens up her availabilities for 1:1 coaching. This is for past and existing Kimmunity members or individuals who want to go from newbie to pro level fast (build their own style, turn their hobby into a career or side hustle) or for those who want the 1:1 personalised support.

Note: This is a separate investment

Q. I have some difficulty navigating through the site. What can I do?

A. If there are any issues you're having, please email us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

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